New release 0.0.27

We just released Svelte Flow 0.0.27 with some breaking changes. Even if we try to avoid them, they will happen. We just renamed some functions, so the migration should go easy. Here is a list of all changes:

  • ⚠️ rename screenToFlowCoordinate to screenToFlowPosition
  • ⚠️ rename flowToScreenCoordinate to flowToScreenPosition
  • ⚠️ rename getTransformForBounds to getViewportForBounds (return { x: number, y: number, zoom: number } instead of [number, number, number])
  • ⚠️ rename getRectOfNodes to getNodesBounds
  • simplify handle default styles, so that it's easier to override them
  • add selectionOnDrag prop - can be used to create figma-like controls in combination with panOnDrag={false} / panOnDrag={[1, 2]} + panOnScroll={true}
  • 🎉 add e2e tests

You can find the changelog with all previous changes on Github (opens in a new tab).