New release 0.0.28

This is a huge update! We added a new <NodeToolbar /> component and a new colorMode ('light' | 'dark' | 'system') prop for toggling dark/light mode. Check out the new dark mode example.

There are some breaking changes again (sorry!) but we are very close to the final API for Svelte Flow 1.0.0. The biggest change is that we group node attriubutes (width, height, positionAbsolute) that are added by the library under node.computed. This makes it easier to understand, that this stuff comes from the library itself. node.width and node.height is still an optional node option and can be used to set certain dimensions for SSR or on the client.

  • add <NodeToolbar /> component
  • add colorMode prop ('light' | 'dark' | 'system') - [Dark mode example]
  • add on:selectionclick and on:selectioncontextmenu event handlers
  • add ondelete({ nodes, edges }) handler
  • add zoomActivationKey prop
  • add width and height prop to custom NodeProps type
  • add colorMode prop ('light' | 'dark' | 'system')
  • ⚠️ replace xPos and yPos with positionAbsolute prop to custom NodeProps type
  • ⚠️ node.width/height and node.positionAbsolute can now be found under node.computed.width/height/positionAbsolute
  • ⚠️ node.width/height is still optional an can be used for forcing certain dimensions and SSR
  • refactor keys: you can now disable keys by setting them to null (e.g. selectionKey={null})
  • performance optimization with internal node lookup

You can find the changelog with all previous changes on Github (opens in a new tab).