Future of Svelte Flow

While we have been hard at work on React Flow 12, listening to your feedback and bug reports and Svelte 5 slowly peeking over the horizon, we wanted to share some of our plans for the library.

Aligning internals

We redesigned a lot of the internal update logic in React Flow 12 and wanted to bring some of that to Svelte Flow. As both libraries already share a substantial core, extending it to include this last missing piece will improve maintainability a great deal. We are planning to release this update in the following weeks alongside a couple of other improvements.

Svelte 5

We have been closely following the development of the upcoming Svelte version since its announcement last September, and we are quite excited about it! A lot of the new features will simplify our lives as library maintainers (looking at you, fallback values for props) and because we want to keep the library as svelty as possible, there will be some breaking changes. However, we don't want all the amazing projects you already built to break, so this update will mark a major version bump for Svelte Flow, namely ✨1.0.0-rc ✨.

You can expect some bug fixes for 0.x.x, but it being a pre-release version, we will move on to Svelte 5 as our main focus.

New features

After the transition, we will be able to develop new features for React & Svelte Flow in tandem, so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new stuff coming your way!

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting the development so far by trying everything out and getting their hands dirty! We look forward to the future of Svelte Flow! 🚀