Svelte Flow 0.1.0

This is a bigger update for Svelte Flow to keep up with the latest changes we made for React Flow and the Svelte5 rewrite. The biggest change is the separation of user nodes (type Node) and internal nodes (type InternalNode), which includes a renaming of the node.computed attribute to node.measured. In the previous versions, we stored internals in node[internalsSymbol]. This doesn't exist anymore, but we only add it to our internal nodes in node.internals..

⚠️ Breaking

  • rename node.computed to node.measured - this attribute only includes width and height and no positionAbsolute anymore. For receiving an internal node, we added the helpers useInternalNode and getInternalNode
  • rename node.parentNode to node.parentId

More updates:

  • add isValidConnection for <Handle /> component
  • add fitViewOptions for <Controls /> component
  • add getInternalNode to useSvelteFlow
  • add useInternalNode hook
  • don't reset nodes and edges when svelte flow unmounts
  • fix node event types
  • make handleId and isTarget reactive
  • fix MiniMap interaction for touch devices
  • fix pane: pinch zoom on Windows


  • fix useInternalNode hook export


  • fix InternalNode type export


  • fix NodeToolbar for subflows